ID-card: Sorcha Dhonnchaidh Title: Sorcha
Sorcha Africa inghean ui Dhonnchaidh
Psychiatrist on Stargate Omega°.
"Dhonnchaidh" -- her name-tag gives away the woman's Scottish descent, and her insignia readily identify her as a captain and a doctor -- and that's where the easy answers end. Dressed in the dark blue jacket and skirt of the air force, Sorcha is a study in contrasts. The seeming invitation of her lush tanned body and platinum blonde mane is balanced by the business-likeness of her uniform; the liveliness of her sparkling green eyes offset by the lines around them; the animated conversation she makes starkly contrasted by the obvious tenseness that seems to always make her smoke around other people -- vivid and jaded at the same time, Sorcha is no less than gorgeous to the morbid. Her fingers are never idle, clutching a Gauloises, or seizing a cup or a glass, almost as if she were ill at ease without something to hold on to, and there is a strong air of impatience about her whenever no one provides her with a shattered world to focus on.
Location Omega Station - Psych Consultation
Apparent Age Late twenties
Plan If you are a linguist, you will probably know how to pronounce her name (Sorr@ch@ inyan ee Dunchee, with a raspy 'ch' as in 'loch') -- if you're a survivor, you at least won't call her "Doctor Donkey"... to her face.
RP-Prefs Tends to prefer the role over the roll or the rule; if in doubt, please page. Prearrange lasting change to character (loss of limb, life or hair, disfigurement, sterility, sexual assault etc.).
Theme Song Suzanne Vega -- Blood makes noise
Quote Be a better psychiatrist, and the world will beat a psychopath to your door.
Office-hours By appointment
Fullname Sorcha Africa inghean ui Dhonnchaidh
Rank Captain
Branch US Air Force
Department Medlab / SGO-6
* As far as looks are concerned, Sorcha obviously is the bastard-child of Flood, who I felt I did not get to play enough. In terms of occupation, motives, character and outlook the two are very different, however.