Drawing: Poison Ivy Title: Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy
Drawing: Ivy, considering
Her first love betrayed her in ways most horrible. Then the Batman, perhaps the last honest man as far as she's concerned, the only one she might dare trust, rejected her. Wary of relationships she does not control, Ivy's encounters range from the victims of her love potions to the children she accepted into her Eden of Robinson Park. Even at her most seductive, she remains mysterious and aloof, never quite committing herself. Her new-found friendship with Harley Quinn is perhaps the closest she got to a balanced relationship ever since she became Poison Ivy — and if the Joker's ex-girlfriend is your best shot at sanity, you're in trouble...

Complexion. "Is it cos I'm green?"
Ivy's complexion ranges from very pale with a greenish cast just in a certain light to outright verdant. When her floral side is strong, she is easily recognizable as not quite human, and anyone who has heard of her even in hearsay will be able to make the connection. To those under her spell, she will of course appear all the more exotic and attractive for it.
Poison may use body makeup to hide her verdant skin.[CS]

Care. "The beef stops here."
While Ivy may occasionally plot to obtain new funds, that's just a means to an end these days. It's not really about the money anymore. It's not even about the Batman anymore, not just the thrill of the chase. When it comes right down to it, it's about ending the pain, about being able to protect her loved ones, loved ones that enjoy no protection from the law, loved ones that for the most part need to remain out in the open to prosper, open to the sun and random attacks.
Ivy's plants cannot easily be shunt away when under attack, and Ivy will remain to protect her "babies" as a matter of instinct, usually even if this will ruin her plans. She might send her hybrids into mortal danger to protect their more stationary brethren, she might expend a seed to crack a lock or make an escape-vine grow in an environment where it will not survive if her plans if the big picture demands it, but it is usually with a heavy heart and a tear in either eye.
Ivy has seen enough floral abuse, and on some days, it takes a lot of self-discipline not to try and end it, by hook or by crook, by mind- control, manipulation and murder: on some days, wiping out a civilization just seems an acceptable price to pay …

Drawing: Ivy
Obsession. "I'm a plant, me."
Not quite as detached from the realm of human emotion as she might seem to be, Ivy is fascinated with the Batman.[SB(A)3] He stands up for what he believes in — and he can stand up to her. He is both dangerous and fascinating in the way he is beyond her control, and there seems to be a vague kinship between the two, the way they both chose a clod and swore to protect those within that realm. It's a mystery how he just can't see it. He of all people should be able to understand, to appreciate her. To offer absolution, tell her it will be alright. Talking to plants really does them a world of good, you see.

Metabolism. "I will keep you cold and dark, till the end of time."
While most things considered toxic and virulent to humans cannot harm her, salt, lack of sunlight or water will weaken and finally kill her like they would any other plant.[Bat568]
(See systemic antidote for more information.)

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