Drawing: Poison Ivy Title: Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy
Drawing: Ivy
When not incarcerated, Ivy will often set up a lab to facilitate her botanical studies and the production of any potions a particular plan may require. In the past, she was often able to chemically or genetically recreate some of her powers. Examples of this would be a super-fertilizer[Cat57] mimicking Ivy's plant growth power, genetically enhanced nightshades to enthrall people[Bat495], or potions to heal, kill, or seduce. It was also with one of these potions that Ivy was able to "upgrade" Harley Quinn, granting her increased agility and strength as well as immunity to Ivy's touch.[B:HQ]

Ivy rarely employs weapons these days, prefering to use nearby plants (or grow new ones from seeds she carries) or the more mobile plant-hybrids.[SFO:Villains] If push comes to shove and ranged attacks must be made, Ivy has a variety of slightly luddite options, among them a crossbow[DC694] and poisoned darts[Bat339] to be thrown or launched with a blowpipe[DC534]. Enemies are bound with a — sometimes barbed — liana lasso.[Bat339][DC534] Finally, her fingernails are sharp as thorns and well suited to introduce toxins into the bloodstream of any attacker reckless enough to enter into close quarters combat.

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