Drawing: Poison Ivy Title: Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy
Drawing: Ivy
Plant control.
Ivy can control local plant life.[SB88][CS] A tree may attack another character with its branches, or a vine may try to wrap itself around them. This is of course also the prime mechanic between the popular "floral lift" entrance.
In conjunction with her vast botanical knowledge, this gift also helps in the critical stages of the creation of the animal-plant hybrids, ferak° perhaps the most spectacular among them.
Ivy can create at least small hybrids without a lab, the mysteries she studied so hard to understand now an intrinsic part of her.[Bat(C)9][B:PI]

Plant growth.
Much as one would expect from the name, Ivy has the power to dramatically accelerate the growth rate of plants.[Bat(C)9] This is not only handy as then scenes with Ivy will take minutes rather than years, it also seals locations, doubles as an impromptu fence or Spanish wall, eases the climbing of walls and of course, is popular with fans and reporters alike. But don't order yet! Plant growth also allows Mother Nature to reclaim desolate areas much faster than she normally would, it livens up the cityscape, and may provide food for hungry! Plants will remain grown until specifically shrunk by the same power, or until, Gaia forbid, destroyed. Not to be confused with "planet growth."

Plant empathy.
Ivy tends to have an alarmingly good idea of what is going on in her gardens, and some people have gone so far as to suggest that not only does she talk to the green, but that the green actually replies in mysterious ways. And maybe the plants do indeed love and understand her — how else could she control them so well? Whatever the true nature of this gift may be, however this information may be transferred, one thing is certain: Ivy can feel people in the green, she can feel the footsteps on the grass[Bat568] and the forms passing through the thickets. Especially in forests and jungles with heavy undergrowth where vision is limited, this gives her a significant tactical advange to all but airborne intruders, and she can usually easily avoid or surprise them. It seems safe to say that she enjoys this mysterious privilege wherever she goes — if there is flora, it will be under her influence practically immediately. The range of this effect is estimated at about an acre, but Ivy has claimed as much as Robinson Park at a time, a significant portion of it visibly under her spell when Clayface ventured into the park, then practically all of it when the Batman arrived.[SB88] This would suggest that given sufficient time, Ivy can bond with a much larger area, covering the heartland of the park by day 23 of the NML, and fifteen acres of it by day 189.

Systemic antidote.
Barely human anymore and with a metabolism that utilizes a bouquet of substances lethal to mere mortals, Ivy is immune to virtually anything humans might consider lethal including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and all forms of poison.[Bat529]
See the metabolism flaw for caveats.

Poison touch. "I can produce toxins from my blood. Fast-acting. Deadly!"[SB56]
Ever since the fateful experiment, Ivy's skin has been poisonous to humans; one touch could kill (and it probably will, if not treated immediately by a trained professional). Most people would consider this a curse rather than a power. Ivy can make a conscious effort to will her metabolism to change; her kiss can control, kill, or cure. Her touch can "catalyze violent mood alterations," "electric jolt, overwhelming stupor, loss of focus," or make men fall madly in love with her. As far as inebriation and infatuation are concerned, a cold shower or sudden intense pain may break through the stupor, but the only way to break out of it for long, for sure, is indeed a visit to the hospital — or the BatCave …[LDK42]

Drawing: Ivy
Ivy's body produces sufficient pheromones to give her a stunning presence beyond the loveliness of her shape.[SFO:Villains] She is beyond gorgeous. When she enters the room, all conversation stops. She is the kind of woman everybody is single around. Every heart pounds, every pickup line is forgotten... Even the Batman had to admit that her very essence affected him "from across the room, electric, pulsating..."[LDK43] For obvious reasons, this effect is more noticable in confined spaces and increases with proximity.

Ivy can easily climb walls and trees without any additional gear. To this end, she can use the same technique as her namesake,[Bat181] while also suffering from the same limitations: an uneven or porous surface for her extremities to attach to is required. Glass fronts or buildings aluminium casing consequently present insurmountable obstacles to her.

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