Title: Religion

What I don't like

I don't like "intermediary" religions.
Religions that imply that G-d (or whoever) only talks to a chosen few or can only be interpreted properly by priests etc. are wide open to abuse by those interpreters.
Hidden agendas won't win me over.
Who's cool: Quakers

I don't like missionaries.
If your religion is good for you, it'll show. People will want to know the secret of your success and come ask you about it. If on the other hand you have to bother people with your beliefs...
Preachiness won't win me over.
Who's cool: Jews, Buddhists
Who's not: Many Christians

I don't like All-or-nothing religions.
I can sympathize with religions that state, "Here are some suggestions; those that feel right in your heart you can keep free of charge, the others, punt."
No-choice won't win me over.

I don't like religions based on historical figures / authority-based religions.
I prefer "Check out these funky koans" to "You have to believe this, because G-d said so." any day. Not only is the latter an exercise in circular logic (you have to believe in G-d because G-d says you must), it also seems like a rather childish argument, "You have to ..., because Mommy said so." (Also keep in mind how rarely it is true, at least as far as the children are concerned.) What's up with the name-dropping? Is it a thinly veil'd threat? Or is it an attempt to ennoble the quotes? If they are really divine wisdom, shouldn't they be recognizable as such?
Paternal threats won't win me over.
Who's cool: Buddhists
Who's not: Most Christians

I don't think faith is more important than actions.
I actually think more highly of people who do the right thing because they arrived at a set of values themselves, rather than because they were talked or bullied into accepting them. I'd find it hard to take a deity seriously who turn away those who do the right things, solely because they do them out of conviction rather than faith.
Vain deities won't win me over.
Who's not cool: Many Christians